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Information about tours in Mali

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I am a professional Guide which organizes journeys on foot, by car (4x4), pinasses (Malien boat) and carts. I take care of the customers starting at the airport until the end of voyage. On this page are some examples of journeys. There are a lot of possible tours, starting at 1 day until several weeks.

Contact me to discuss your wishes,

Boubakar A. Guindo

. Example 1: Two weeks of voyage in Mali
  • Airport - Bamako: 1 night in Bamako
  • 1 night in Segou
  • 1 night in Mopti
  • 2 nights on the river by pinasse (boat) and a night in the tent or open air
  • 2 nights in Tumbuktu: visited the Mosques, the Moroccan well, the manuscript, the market. An evening visit (camelride), to a encampment of the Tuaregs.
  • 5 days Dogon country: visiting pretty villages and the houses of Tèlems. Spend the night at a encampment at the terrace in open air or  at an local families house, eat local food.
  • 1 night has Djenné
  • Back to Bamako to catch your flight

Example 2: Dogon land
  • We meet in Mopti for an organized voyage for 2, 3 or 4 people. A voyage for 3 to 4 days.
  • Day 1: From Mopti to Djigubombo: We travell by car (4x4) to the starting point at Bandiagara. A walk of 5 km to Djigubombo at the foot of cliff, visiting Kanikombelé and Teli (lunch). In the afternoon a walk to Endé (4 km), where we sleep.
  • Day 2: Endé to Begnematou: First walk to Bagourou (5 km) and 3 km for Yabatalou (lunch). In the afternoon 3 km walk on the cliff to Indèlou and this is followed by a 3 km walk to Begnematou (sleep), a very pretty village. In the following morning we´ll see the sunrise.
  • Day 3: Begnematou to Nombori: 8 km to Dourou (lunch). After lunch we go down to the foot of the cliff while passing by the tunnels and pretty rocks. Than 5 km to Nombori, visit a lot of Telemhouses and a museum (Dogon).
  • Day 4: Nombori to Bandiagara to Mopti: last 3km trip to to Idiéli-Do, where we take the car for Bandiagara (25 km). We will visit the very beautiful garden of vegetables and fruits(lunch at Bandiagara). In the afternoon we´ll return to Mopti.
If you have the time to visit Dogon land for 1 week:
After day 4 at Nombori, we can add 3 days more, we will visit:
  • Komokani
  • Tireli
  • Ireli
  • Banani
  • and up to Shanga where we take the car to return to Mopti

Or if you have 12 days to visit Dogon land:
After Banani, we will visit:
  • Neni
  • Ibi
  • Koundou
  • Youga
  • Yandouma
  • and the last village is Shanga